I got involved in mechanical toys a long time ago. This is a picture of me with my first gasoline-powered goodie: an Arctic Cat Kitty Cat. Yes, it did end up being hot-rodded before I outgrew it. The 50cc 2-stroke started off with a governor and the thing had pitiful 10 mph gearing. By the time Papasan was done with it it would do at least 20 mph, which was fast enough to keep up with the normal-sized people on normal snowmobiles as long as they weren't racing each other.

For fun these days I play with old cars, especially Corvairs. Corvairs have several virtues that attract me: They're really fun to drive, they're cheap, they don't require much maintainance--which leaves more time for improvement--and they're easy to work on. The Fiats we have around are also fun to drive and cheap, but they're not always easy to work on, and they seem to require lots more maintainance hours per flight hour.

See what we've got around these days.

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